Noah Thompson About Leaving American Idol 2022

Country singer Noah Thompson won American Idol season 20, but he now admits that there 

was a time during the competition that he thought about leaving the show. Throughout the 

American Idol competition, Noah was a humble and relatable contestant whose biggest goal was 

not to win the show, but to be the best father he could possibly be to his 1-year-old son Walker, 

whom he shares with his long-time girlfriend, Angel. In an interview with The Logan Banner, Noah 

shared that he thought about leaving the show at times. Being away from his family was "heartbreaking" 

Noah said he's glad he stuck with it and is grateful for Arthur's push to get him on the show. 

Fans of American Idol might be surprised to hear that Noah thought about leaving the show, 

but thankfully he persevered with the help of his family, friends, and the judges.

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